Affiliate Terms

  • Refer new users for one Indomedia site and you will receive a percentage of them when buying an item.
  • Every member automatically has a referral code is generated using a code number. The reference code is available in the affiliate page.
  • You can easily earn money by pasting a link or an image button on your site using your code. By the time a new user clicks your referrer link and proceeds to sign up for an account and then purchase the items in Indomedia, you will receive a percentage of the person’s first purchase.
  • All information will be available in the affiliate income affiliate dashboard page.
  • Indomedia sites use cookies to track people who have clicked on your link, so they have to use cookies for us to track them down.
  • If the person does not allow cookies or delete their cookies, we can not keep track of them so could not pay income on the activities of that person.
  • If someone clicks on your referral link code and then they click referral code to others, then you are entitled to a percentage of revenue.
  • A user called through your referral link should not be associated with you or your business or company and so on.
  • If someone clicks on the link, they have until 90 days before the cookie expires. If they sign up and make a purchase within that time, we will pay your earnings Affiliate Program. If it exceeds 90 days, We will not pay income Affiliate Program.
  • the timing and method of payment:
  • We will send your earnings until you request a payment, or every month.
  • When we get a request for payment of your affiliates, we will pay you your earnings in the next payment cycle next month.
  • You must provide us with the correct details and the payment method when you want to receive your income.
  • You must bear all costs incurred by us in paying money for you.
  • Our currency is Dollar (US), We are not responsible for the cost or number of conversions.
  • We only accept paypal as a payment method affiliate.

Things you should avoid when following Affiliate program:

  • Confusing / make them confused about whether your site is operated or supported by us (for example, by copying the design elements of the site Indomedia).
  • Sending unsolicited email or other messages that in any way might be spam and abuse.
  • You do not propagate link in spam, and do not spread the link on the site Indomedia (eg in the comments), this will make your account suspended.
  • Indomedia reserves the right to decide whether or not the use of Affiliate Program in accordance with applicable law and / or requirements or the Affiliate Program Terms Indomedia.
  • Indomedia will make the final decision on whether or not the use of Affiliate Program is a violation of applicable law or this Affiliate Program Terms.

Thank you if you follow this affiliate program.

update 12 June 2016