Author Terms


Well, Vendor or the Author Indomedia assume it is the same thing, so you have to be a Vendor or Author in Indomedia to be able to sell your items on Indomedia.

  1. We are happy if you are interested in being here Author, Absolutely we need you to meet all the needs of the buyer.
  2. Become an Author in Indomedia is easy, if you are someone who has expertise in a particular field such as digital stuff, then you have to meet the basics of Writers in Indomedia.
  3. We are here for you and they, We need each other between one and the other. If a lot of free time in your life, please join Indomedia to be the Author.

If you want to be the Author in Indomedia, the great hope that you read carefully about some of the Terms and policies that we created specifically for Author.

This is some provision for Author in Indomedia, please read very carefully, it is made so that we all know needs to be some regulation eligible to make an atmosphere of mutual cooperation.

Keep reading on, how the provisions and policies for Author in Indomedia, about various things such as, digital products, licensing, selling, and how do you make money with us.

Become an Author in Indomedia free of charge and it’s free, you can start now, if you have already registered then you will find several pages that can help you as an Author in Indomedia, you can put your stuff in Indomedia, however before your products in the show, we had to do a review process, in order that we actually create products that truly fit for sale.

See, Items that can be sold Vendor / Author !


Your responsibilities as a Vendor / Author :

  • The item you are selling must be matched by the quality, previews and features that you mentioned in the description of the item.
  • You as the seller is responsible for serving support from buyers, for example, if there are problems, errors, or bugs in the item you are selling, but not in the installation process.
  • You have the necessary rights to the license of the items on the licensing requirements that already apply.
  • Items that used buyers in accordance with the applicable license terms do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  • The item you are selling must be clean means it does not contain some elements such as, unlawful, harassment, pornography, viruses or other malicious programs, defamation, harming others, and others.

Promise You (Vendor / Author) to Indomedia.

You do not buy items you own.

You do not use Indomedia as a promotion or services outside the Non-Indomedia.

You do not use third-party items (free or paid) in the project item you are selling without the written permission that items such third parties are allowed to be changed, personal use and to be combined with your project so that it becomes the new items that can be resold.

You must provide accurate documentation on the items you sell, including how to use the Item etc.

Buyers of Your Item: Indomedia not responsible for any losses suffered by you as a result of the buyer or use to make others opposed to the Terms Indomedia your item or items license.

Your item is already sold in Indomedia, could be used by others to the promotion of affiliate programs that have been created Indomedia.

You can not sell the items you somewhere else, unless you have more than one name of your store:

Things are allowed:

Example: You have two stores names for your products and create two sites to show some of your items.

the name of the shop (A) and the name of the store (B), you sell goods from the store name (A) to Indomedia, and sell goods from the store name (B) to another place.

You must include a preview of each item you are selling on Indomedia.

Indomedia entitled to use part or all of your items for a particular purpose, for example to promote Indomedia. (No compensation is paid for the use of this).

We reserve the right to remove items that you are selling in the case and under any circumstances, this can happen because Indomedia always maintain the state of the item that the item is still worthy and qualified to be sold in the market, this is also for the good of us together, and certainly before the items removed you will get advance notice via email, of course, for various reasons, why Indomedia want to remove your items, and how the solution so that your items are not removed. This was his usual occur if the item is damaged and is not compatible with another.

License :

Vendor / Author agree with the rules Indomedia License.

Vendor / Author can choose to sell items with Regular License, or choose both of them (Regular License and Final License).

Vendor / Author can add additional licenses for Final License. (Otherwise, the items sold Vendor / Author subject to the Final License).

Therefore you have to keep your items and develop your items so that they remain eligible and qualified to be sold in Indomedia.

Indomedia and Author

Indomedia and Author not in terms of co-workers, business associates, or employment relationship between Indomedia with you, either Indomedia or else you can act on behalf of another, however you choose Indomedia as a market where you can sell items you, which Indomedia just made some rules decent between buyers and sellers.

Indomedia is a digital product market in which there are buyers who can purchase the item, sellers can sell items, with some decent regulation.

See rule your income, which is included on the Author Terms.

Indomedia, reserves the right to change the contents of these pages, with or without prior notice to the user.

(update: June 05, 2016)