Final License

Indomedia, not too complicated in terms of the License. We make the licenses of the items sold by the Vendor / Author with a very simple and easily understood by the user, so that in the future no misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer.

Indomedia specify multiple types of licenses for some items, and we hope the seller and the buyer can receive the license conditions:

Final License for a few common items:

  • WordPress Themes / WordPress Plugin
  • HTML / HTML5 Templates
  • Ebook Tutorial
  • Blogger Templates
  • Code, Scripts, PHP scripts, JavaScript, Mobile,  and Others
  • Graphic, T-shirts, and Others
  • Photos


(1) If the Vendor / Author does not add their rules in this License or if you do not see additional licensee in Item description before you buy, then Vendor / Author will comply with the Final License.

(2) This was done in order to avoid problems in the future.

(3) Final license gives you as the buyer a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the digital works (items) that you have purchased.

(4) Again you have to realize is, you are not the only buyers of items in Indomedia.

There are some things that are allowed with the items you have purchased:

(5) You can use the items for your website project and of your clients.


for example: you are buying and using WordPress Themes / HTML Templates for your website and also use these items to one of your client website projects. (You are allowed to wear items in more than one project for your clients), you are allowed to freely use or edit items that you have purchased for yourself, for more than one project for your clients.



(6) You can freely modify and use items (that you have purchased) for yourself, or for your clients. (There is no limit to how any client).

(7) You are free to use items (that you have purchased) for the purpose of creating a project and produce a final product that is uniquely accessible to users for free or paid.


For example: You buy HTML5 Templates / WordPress Theme / Plugin WordPress to create a website Online Shop, Travel, Online Classes, Tutorials paid, and so on.


(8) Conclusion: You can make any project to be a final product that you can use both in terms of commercial or free.


There are some things that are not allowed on items that have been purchased:

(9) You can not redistribute for free items or sell (already purchased).

(10) You may not modify the item (already purchased) for resale.


Example: You buy HTML5 Templates and turn it into a WordPress theme, then sell, this is not allowed in the regulations in Indomedia License.


(11) You can not admit implicitly that the item (already purchased) are the results of your artificial.


Example: You buy a WordPress theme and modify some or all of these items, and acknowledge that it is your work and sell it.


(12) If you are a Vendor / Author in Indomedia, you can use the item you bought to combine with your item, and become a new product that you sell in Indomedia.


Example: You buy a WordPress Plugin, Script, PHP scripts, code, JavaScript, and you create a customized WordPress themes with plugins, as a package of items for resale in Indomedia.


(13) With or without the written permission of the Vendor / Author. Depending on their regulatory additional licenses. (Basically If the vendor / writer does not add additional licenses conditions, the vendor / writers follow the rules of the End License).

(14) additional licenses from the vendor / Author, you can view the details of the item before you buy licensing information.

(15) This will make the buyers and sellers have the License agreement, so as not to cause problems in the future.

(16) Final License: License mixture Indomedia with vendor / Author. (Of course, with the consent Indomedia).

(17) Components of the item: Vendor / Author can use third-party sources as components for their project items, third-party sources typically have an open source license or creative commons license, which can be explained by the Vendor / Author. However you are not allowed to take these components and then use it in another project, because the vendor / Author may have to edit or modify components such third parties.


Example (not allowed): You buy a WordPress Theme, There is a component in the form of the slider javascript WordPress theme, you are not allowed to copy and paste into other projects.


Example (allowed): You buy a WordPress Theme, There is a component in the form of the slider javascript WordPress theme, you are allowed to go directly to the source where it originated javascript slider and then use it to be expanded so that it becomes a component of other projects.


(18) Final License (there are exceptions) for T-Shirt:

It includes all the Final License, which has been previously stated, and several exceptions.

You can use the Template T-shirt to make the end product is T-Shirt, or to one of your clients. the final product you can sell or freely given.

You (or your client) can also incorporate T-shirt design with other design and is not limited to printing T-Shirts.

You can not use Design / Template T-shirts for other purposes, such as making your brand logo created for a specific product, or use and combine with other items. (T-shirt just for T-shirts printed, not for anything else).



(19) Final License (there are exceptions) for photos:

It includes all the Final License, already stated earlier, and some exceptions.

Regular license gives you the freedom to use the photos to create a digital end products, but are limited in the use of limited tidat copies.

You can use the image as digital products or tangible form for any purpose that is free or paid.

Example: brochures, business cards, magazines, and others.


Limiting the maximum resolution you’re using is 1200 x 800 pixels.

You can not use photos to more than one company or client.


(20) Items that you have purchased, you can use to create project freely or for one of your clients, and distribute the results of your project freely both for commercial purposes or free of charge, and the final product can be enjoyed free of charge.

(21) You and we are all aware that Indomedia highly appreciate the work of the Vendor / Author.



V 1.0 Update (04 Jun 2016)