Terms and Conditions


What did you buy?

Licence :

When you purchase an item on Indomedia, you get an item for use together with other buyers, of course you can not get the item itself, because there are others who buy goods, which are already included you get a license directly from the author to use the item. subject to the goods and meet certain requirements in use, and some of the terms that is an ‘agreement’ that we set in Indomedia. the license also applies to you if you have purchased items and download items that others have bought it for you. Indomedia also stressed to maintain the type of license that you can choose, depending on your needs and your job, please think wisely about the election Indomedia license.

You also need to understand about the License Item.

Support Item:

Indomedia not receive support item made by the Author, which means support issues and consulting the item is an absolute of Author, so Author who should handle support for those items Author sold in Indomedia.

Indomedia services:

Indomedia only serve full support for the purchase of services, as well as fraud protection of items with quality items (including items match with the features already described before you buy).

You (as a buyer) promises to us and authors that you have been very careful in adjusting the license you choose, and that you have selected it correctly:

  • You (the buyer) can not cancel the purchase of the item is completed.
  • Indomedia, Tim and also the author does not promise that on any particular item will continue to be available in Indomedia, thus you should be quick to download after you buy the item and make the payment.
  • Each author retains ownership of the items produced by the author.
  • Full details can be given to the author, such as invoices and others because it is also very important.
  • After you purchase by making a payment on an item or an item then download an item, you obtain a non-exclusive license to use the items under a number of conditions specified in the license (means non-exclusive Others may also license the same item).
  • Purchase restrictions may apply, such as restrictions on daily purchases, when you’ve reached the total daily purchase limit, then you have to wait the next day to be able to buy in Indomedia.


The price listed on an item that overall prices include taxes, charges the buyer, and also the price of the item.

Indomedia is a service of digital goods market where digital goods are sold by writers outside or inside, we will always provide the best service, for writers and buyers. We declared not make express or implied promise about Indomedia site or even item on the site Indomedia.

Indomedia have the right to change the contents of these pages, with or without notice to you

(update May 30, 2016)